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Living: so much better than last time I posted! I think my slump has passed. House is still a mess but IDGAF because being a grownup means I can make my own choices about piles of dirty dishes SO THERE.

Working: Lots more! Picked up the project I lost notes for and just figured it out all over again. Agreed to do a project that is not-quite-my-thing but will make me way less stressed about money over the next few months. Also sent out a Growstuff newsletter to people from SLF and am starting to gain a little momentum there again. Oh, and just sent a surprisingly large invoice! It was a total handshake deal (which I didn't mind because it was something I wanted to do anyway, for my own reasons) and I misunderstood the terms of payment, and then it turns out it was 3 times larger than I thought. \o/ Also, it turns out that AdaCamp is happening in PDX in June right before Open Source Bridge and I *definitely* want to get to both of them now, and take in WisCon on the same trip. So I am starting to think about OSB talks. Fingers crossed I can get some help with travel costs because even with the aforementioned stuff, I can't *really* afford it myself, at least not if I also want to have a laptop that is new enough to be within warranty and doesn't have a failing battery :-/ But I am optimistic. One way or another I'll try and make this happen.

Playing: Lots! Went for an awesome bike ride with [personal profile] celuran on Saturday (the south section of the Yarrowee River trail) which came to a bit under 20k all up, I think, mostly on creekside gravel paths with intermittent but not deadly hills. It was nice. I want to do more. Then on Saturday night we went to the rodeo, which was a cultural experience. Honestly I expected more country music and less Beyonce and Gangnam Style. I had fun but it was cold and I think, all in all, I prefer Australian country sports (woodchopping, sheepdog trials, etc). But it was still $20 worth of entertainment and I got one of those curly potatoes on a stick which is basically all I ask for in life. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. On Sunday I went to a gig at the Karova Lounge: Smith Street Band supported by the Menzingers. Honestly I went for the Menzingers, who did a good set but the crowd didn't really know them and basically I wished I was seeing them at Gilman or something. Then SSB came on and the crowd were really into them so I just pretty much pushed into the mosh pit and let myself move with the crush and it was good and sweaty and loud and just what I needed. I left before the set finished because I was feeling good and wanted it to stay that way. Then some jerkwads tried to assault me/push me off my bike outside the Peter Lalor Hotel on Mair St on the way home, and I swore at them and they ran away, and then I reported them to the police, which in retrospect I regret. I do want someone to know about/have stats on the bike harassment/assaults that go on in this town, but now I'm thinking I probably could have a) dealt with it myself, and b) dissuaded those kids from doing it again, without involving ~~THE MAN~~. They were just scrawny dickhead teenagers and they were scared enough to run away when I shouted at them, so it wasn't actually dangerous. (Err, not that any of this really counts under "playing" but it happened after that gig, so.) What else? Had assessment/session/thingy with trainer at the gym and am keen to get a programme and start working out seriously again. Have lost a lot of my strength but not my technique. Still playing guitar pretty regularly, mostly just zoning out on scales and exercises and stuff because that's relaxing for me right now.

Reading: fic re-reads still.

Watching: Just watched "The Punk Singer", the documentary about Kathleen Hanna that came out last year. It was a great documentary, which I highly recommend. Surprising too. I didn't realise it was going to go in the direction it did. Hmmm what else. I've been watching a few eps of Best Ink which is kind of crappy but fun, you know? I really don't like watching people fail though :( Really haven't been spending much time watching TV like things lately, though, I think because I don't have a physical TV/screen apart from my laptop, which means I can either dork around online or watch things but not both. Or at least not as easily.

Listening: Right now, the Butchies. Over the last week or two, a more or less rotating playlist of 90s-00s women/women-fronted punk/indie/alternative/etc bands. We listened to a buttload of Garbage and Veruca Salt at craft night last week, for instance.

Wearing: I really need new pants/trousers. I only have one pair that fits. Where do I even buy pants that fit, given that my constraints are 1) plus size, 2) short, 3) natural fibre, 3) not complete crap? (Other than waiting until ~~June and doing it in the US.) I am sewing some stuff but that's mostly dagging-around-the-house pants. My sewing skills aren't currently up to anything more fitted/tailored than that and I do need some kind of decent stuff to wear to meetings and stuff. Like, jeans would be fine, but trackpants not so much, you know?

Making: Err, when I say "I am sewing some stuff" I mean that the supplies are strewn all around my living room but I haven't actually done anything in the last couple of weeks /o\ I did finish a cowl I was knitting though -- a simple textured stitch and fairly narrow shape so it's basically for bike riding when it's cold.

Health: Good! Feeling as physically healthy as I have in a while, I think largely because of the hours every week I'm spending on my bike just getting around. Got a flu vaccination yesterday. Eating fairly regularly and well (though somewhat stymied by kitchen mess/procrastination wrt keeping supplies up). New therapist continues awesome, but hard (and I'm still using a lot of cycles thinking about stuff related to that).
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Being grown up and choosing dirty dishes is sometimes just the best :)

Yay for work picking up and making some stuff possible - also for US trip stuff looking good!

*love for health and making and fixing and socialising and playing stuff in general*

I am still feeling swamped, but this is my first Tuesday where I'm not overtly miserable in the afternoon so I am counting that a win :D
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Pants are hard. :( I'm about an Australian size 26-28 in pants complicated by having very large calves. When wide-legged pants were in I could find things with effort, but now that everything is narrower I have to get out the sewing machine.

For pants this summer I bought some slightly-too-small linen pants from eBay and altered them into wide-leg pants. One pair was Ann Taylor brand, one pair was Flax.
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Hey! James is playing at the Karova Lounge on Sat night (8.30pm) - maybe we could see you there?
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[personal profile] geeksdoitbetter 2014-03-25 02:31 pm (UTC)(link)
hooray for the upswing!