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I just wanna have something to do tonight

Living: In a mixed state between "like a motherfucking grownup" and "why can't I get my shit together". Was meant to have a house inspection last week and tidied up for it, then the agent didn't have a key that worked so now he's coming again tomorrow. In which time the house has got messy again. Dammit.

Working: Not much. I lost some notes for one project and had to arrange a Skype call to figure it all out again, sigh. Had meetings in Melbourne last week which went well, including one which re-enthused me about another project. But overall I've been short on motivation and organisation and I really need to a) do some billable hours to pay rent, and b) get shit moving on Growstuff, as there's a handful of features just sitting in limbo. Stupid brainweasels, sigh.

Playing: Went to a punk gig in the 'Rat the other night. Small venue (back room of a pub), two bands, pretty good times but I'm definitely missing Gilman *sob* Joined the gym last week and went swimming; I'm seeing a trainer for an assessment etc next week and going to do some sessions with her (functional fitness, weights, etc). Got out the electric guitar to play around with it a bit, but I need to acquire a little practice amp again before I can do much with it.

Reading: Comfort reading, mostly fic I've read before (same as last week).

Watching: Watched some of Orphan Black with [personal profile] were_duck, otherwise not much.

Listening: (new item added to the list) Got around to listening to the not-actually-new-anymore FOB album and had it on repeat for a few days -- I love about half of the album and don't hate the other half. Today I've been fiddling with my iTunes playlists a lot to make more women show up in my "Radio Skud" mix. I think I need to make some new playlists for work and and for evening chillout/bedtime.

Wearing: (new item added to the list) I added this to the list not because I'm wearing anything particularly interesting (tshirt, hoodie, trackpants, uggs) but because I got an awesome haircut last week and it's making me very happy. It's not quite Jedward but it definitely started there and wound up somewhere around "messy quiff". I love my hairdresser in Melbourne, who can roll with that sort of thing without making a big deal of it, never uses shampoo on my hair, understands the pure, perfect bliss of a #1 clipper job that will stay at the perfect fuzzy pettable length for at least a week, and only charged me for a "men's" haircut. So good. Oh also, this is a pretty fab sports/binding bra if you like that sort of thing.

Making: Not much this week. Bread -- I'm gradually converting Rocky the sourdough starter over to wheat flour (from rye). I made some very tasty stir fry the other day. Little bit of knitting but not much. Craft night here on Tuesday.

Health: New therapist continues awesome. We've been talking a lot about gender, and about my mother (who died when I was little). As mentioned above, joined the gym, which in my head is more "playing" than "health", but I thought it would be worth a note that I've been reading up on lordosis (based on a chance comment about pattern modification on a vintage sewing blog!) which seems to describe my particular type of pelvic tilt/uneven waistline/back curvature and might be something to look into ameliorating through exercise/stretching, so I'll mention that to $trainer when I see her next week. Oh and I think I might be getting a UTI, which meant a wander up to the pharmacy this morning for some cranberry pills and shit. Hopefully it won't do much of anything if I catch it early enough. I'm pleased with myself for spotting the discomfort early, too -- last time I didn't figure out what it was until I was really sick and feverish, because I didn't/don't get the burning pee thing, just some tenderness in the general region and a run-down feeling. Speaking of run-down feeling there has been a lot of lounging around and not doing much, which I am trying not to beat myself up over. Though it would be nice to get some energy/motivation back one of these days.
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the pure, perfect bliss of a #1 clipper job that will stay at the perfect fuzzy pettable length for at least a week

when i start that religion I keep threatening to start, that is totally going on the list of sacraments, omg, that feeling is the best. the BEST.
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I'm not sure! Getting your code to compile perfectly on the first try. The best chocolate chip cookies in the universe. Sun warmed kitten fur. That kind of stuff :)

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