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Harvest Monday, 24th February 2014

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Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but it seems like the stars have aligned and I have both a harvest and the time to post about it.

This week, like the last few, has had harvests that look more or less like this:

one zucchini, one small eggplant, and some tomatoes

a yellow zucchini, two small eggplants, some tomatoes, and dill seed

Actually those photos are from earlier weeks but it’s so similar this week that they’ll serve just as well! (That’s dill seed in the second photo btw.)

I’m getting a handful of veggies like this every couple of days I suppose: a zucchini or two, some thin little eggplants (“early long purple” variety), a handful of tomatoes. Apart from salads, I’ve been making ratatouille-variants (tonight: a layered casserole with cheesey rice and zucchini-tomato-herbs) and the other day I made this chocolate zucchini cake, only with walnuts instead of choc chips, and it was a total winner.

Everything is a bit late and less productive than I would have liked, I think because of moving house in December, but I’ve basically considered that anything I get out of the garden this summer is a bonus, so I can’t really complain.

Today I was also the lucky recipient of this:

a bag of apples and a bag of plums

They came off my next door neighbour’s tree, and will turn into applesauce and stewed plums over the next few days. I gave them a jar of tomato kasundi in exchange, and promised to bake them a loaf of bread as well. Then I walked away with a wheelbarrow load of paving bricks that they considered trash but which I’ll use as stepping stones through my garden beds. Win!

Apart from all this, I’ve been picking herbs, but didn’t bother to take pics. I have been drinking a lot of water flavoured with fresh mint, though, which is lovely and refreshing. I’m glad to have got into that habit.

See other people’s harvests over at Daphne’s blog.

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[personal profile] transcendancing 2014-02-24 07:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Your harvest even though small looks magnificent!

Also yay for extra produce and swapping with neighbours :D
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[personal profile] lilacsigil 2014-02-25 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh, good score from the neighbours! It's swapping season in our town too: we've traded our cucumbers and zucchinis for plums and lemons so far.

Still jealous of your eggplants, I have to admit. Our one plant has lots of flowers but STILL no fruit.
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[personal profile] geeksdoitbetter 2014-03-25 02:53 pm (UTC)(link)

your ratatouille-variant is totally on my meal planning schedule now!