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You know, I miss that thing...

... where, back in the day, I would post to LJ all the time just talking about shit that was going on in my life. And so would other people. And I would know what my friends were up to, no matter how far apart we are.

So, let's try this:

Living: much better now I've figured out why I was feeling so shit these last few weeks. Settling in well in the new place. Loving Ballarat, for the most part. Still need a few things for the house (another sofa, a TV) but really can't complain.

Working: just launched 3000 Acres a week ago. It's a website to help people connect with each other and with vacant land to start community gardens. Then had a quiet week this last week in recovery from that, and the sustainable living festival, and personal dramaz, and life in general.

Playing: Hmmm, don't feel like I've been playing much. I did go to the Eureka pool a couple of weeks back and splashed around which was nice. I've been enjoying the physicality of riding my bike everywhere. Thinking of going back to the gym (if I can find a good one near here).

Planning: to make lots more preserves before the summer bounty is over, and to switch things up a lot with Growstuff to pick up the pace and get things happening again. Also [personal profile] celuran and I are talking about whether we can start our own CWA branch (apparently you only need 6 women) and make it explicitly modern/inclusive/etc.

Reading: deja vu fandom time, re-visiting fic I loved a few years ago. Also borrowing books from the local library on the basis of "written by women of colour" which makes for rather mixed reading. Right now it's "Half Blood Blues", a novel about about black jazz musicians in Germany and France during WW2.

Watching: Season 2 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries, more or less as they air. Sue Perkins' sitcom "Heading Out" (didn't like it much, probably won't finish). Caught up on Elementary.

Making: Preserves. All the preserves. Yesterday, 3 different kinds (salsa, kasundi, roasted peppers) with [personal profile] celuran and [personal profile] halfeatenmoon, and today, "breakfast fruit" aka simple stewed fruit that I eat with my muesli. Also, pants. I have the sewing maching set up on the dining table and I'm fiddling with a pattern I've got. First pair of flannelette PJ pants came out kind of daggy, but if I slim them down around the bum and widen them at the cuff and tweak the pockets a bit I think they'll be good. When I have the pattern down (which I figure might take 3 pairs of PJ pants) then I'm going to make some daytime pants from the same pattern. Also, just finished a knitted cardigan which, given gender swings, I probably won't wear until I swing back the other way. GREAT TIMING SKUD.

Health: Broadly good. Continuing work on ED stuff. Found a local GP who is a) female, and b) the clinic seems to be queer-friendly, so that is nice. She wants me to get bloodwork done, which I am not looking forward to. Seeing dietician in Melbourne every 2 months now. Community health centre (where the GP is) has a program for free (FREE!!!1) counselling and I'm hoping they have a counsellor who matches my style/needs because how awesome is that? There's no time limit or anything.
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Yeah, was looking through old DW/LJ entries and boggling at how much conversation there is. It's all migrated to FaceAche, of course.

3000 Acres sounds interesting. Sadly the link is broken.

I definitely enjoy reading your updates and having my world view regularly rearranged. (Gender swing is an actual thing? Wow, didn't know that. Cool!) Reluctant to comment too much though, since middle-class middle-aged cisgendered able-bodied hetero white boy is not a demographic you likely lack input from...
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[personal profile] st_aurafina 2014-02-23 08:00 am (UTC)(link)
It must be cool to watch Doctor Blake while you're living in Ballarat!
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[personal profile] afuna 2014-02-23 01:30 pm (UTC)(link)
The preserves sound wonderful!

(Also this entry has reminded me how much I've missed seeing and writing these kinds of entries)
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I find myself wishing that the US had something similar to the CWA or the WI every time you write about it.
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I miss this kind of entry, too. Thank you for sharing your life! Your post about gender swing resonated for me a lot, but I'm finding it hard to comment about anything because I've been so loath to post lately. I think I need to try to connect here in a more-intentional way.

We are at the low season for preserves here, but strawberries will be coming in soon. I think of your delicious pickled turnips every time I get out the canning gear -- someday I'll do pickling!
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hurrah. I like it when people post about where they are at.

I'm interested by your description of gender swing. I don't know if what I experience can quite be called that, but it's related at the very least. Sometimes I prefer feminine style and presentation, other times I can't stand it. Certainly on the anti side I have greater body shape/image issues. Then I tend to get the "how can this be my body, it's not right" type of thoughts. In those times I want to be sleek and practical, but not really masculine.