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Succession planting Tuesday (7th January, 2014)

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My second succession planting Tuesday!

Last week I sowed a lot of seed direct in the garden, either carefully (zucchini, beans, cucumber) or by just tossing it around the place (various greens and herbs). As of today, the zucchini, beans, and cucumber haven’t come up yet, however I did spot a few tiny shoots of what looked like some kind of brassica — the two heart-shaped leaves are distinctive — in amongst the other things in my garden beds.

Fingers crossed for more stuff to sprout! It’s been really cold here these last few nights — down to 1 degree celsius in the “feels like” temperatures — so I’m hoping that hasn’t harmed them any.

This week I planted some stuff in seedling trays, for a change. I’m keeping them in my back porch, in a somewhat sunny spot, where I walk past them several times a day.

seedling trays

Not very photogenic I’m afraid. They’re sitting on a table just inside my back door, under recycled plastic bags as a makeshift greenhouse to save me having to constantly watch their moisture.

  • Silverbeet (Fordhook) — seed is just on its expiry date, needs using
  • Perpetual spinach (ditto)
  • Leaf Amaranth (ditto)
  • Borage
  • Calendula
  • Spring onions
  • Beetroot
  • Mizuna (salad green)

I also planted in small pots:

  • Warrigal greens
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Thai basil

Finally, one thing I planted in the garden: I had two leeks from my aunt’s garden a week or so back, which I used to make soup last night. I kept the ends (with lots of roots still on them) and tucked them down in the compost between some of the other plants in my garden, and I’m hoping they’ll sprout and I’ll get new leeks from them.

Also, an update on the cuttings I took from my aunt’s perpetual basil and Vietnamese mint. They’ve been sitting on my bathroom windowsill and they’re coming along nicely.

cuttings in shot glasses on the windowsill

You can see roots starting to form on the Vietnamese mint in the foreground here.

I think I’ll probably plant them out into little pots next week, at this rate, and into the garden a couple of weeks after that.

I also snarfed a bit of jasmine from a neighbour’s front yard (hey, it was hanging right out over their fence) and I’ve put the cuttings in a glass on my desk. That was only yesterday, and they’re already growing roots! I’d heard jasmine rooted easily, but even so I’m surprised.

jasmine cuttings in a glass of water

You can’t really see it in the pic, but the front stalk has tiny little rootlets, just a couple of millimetres long, sprouting from it already.

I know jasmine’s not edible, but I’m trying to plant flowers regularly to attract pollinators, so I’m going to note them here anyway (ditto the borage and calendula, above).

Plans for next week:

  • Time to plant out some more bush beans (since it will be two weeks since the last lot)
  • I’d like to get some Asian greens going
  • I should direct-sow some radishes
  • It might be time to start on winter crops! It seems far too early, but other bloggers in my area are doing it, so maybe it’s time. I’m thinking leeks and some of the slower brassicas.

Actually, it’s about time I put in a seed order for winter crops. Here’s what’s on my radar at present (though I’ll probably whittle the list down a bit).

From Green Harvest, ordering soon:

  • Broccoli, “Green Sprouting Calabrese” (GH, 300/$3.50)
  • Cabbage “Red Express” (GH, 300/$3.50)
  • Chinese Cabbage “One Kilo Slow Bolt” (GH, 300/$3.50)
  • Cauliflower “Snowball improved” (GH, 250/$3.50)
  • Florence Fennel (GH, 250/$3.50)
  • Coriander “Slow Bolt” (GH, 100/$3.50)
  • Turnip “Golden Globe” (GH, 300/$3.50)

From Eden Seeds, ordering around March:

  • Broad Bean “Aquadulce” (Eden, 50/$3.40)
  • Endive – broad leaved (Eden, 500/$3.40)
  • Dill (Eden, 800/$3.40)
  • Lupin, Hartwegii mix (Eden, 75/$3.40)
  • Maybe something new in the way of Asian greens, haven’t decided yet.

Anyone (especially locals) want to share some of these? Barbara? I’ll also be listing them to swap/trade on Growstuff, of course.

Incidentally, I joined the Diggers Club last year but I don’t think I’ll renew. I find their seed packets stingy (not many seeds per envelope) and poorly designed (you have to tear them open and can’t reclose, which means you lose seeds); their variety isn’t all that much better than Green Harvest or Eden Seeds; I got some live seedlings from them but wasn’t thrilled with them so probably won’t again; their online resources are good but not anything you can’t find elsewhere; their magazine just doesn’t excite me that much; as a non-car-driver I’m basically never going to visit any of their gardens; and their freebies don’t make up for any of this. So, that’s my take on Diggers Club, for whatever it’s worth.

And that’s it for succession-planting-and-rambling-about-seed-orders Tuesday.

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Amaranth! I discovered amaranth on a WWOOF farm in 2007 and wish it were in more people's repertoires.