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Harvest Monday: 7th January, 2013

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Hey, I have a harvest this week, for the first time in ages! A small one, but nevertheless…

two cherry tomatoes

The first two cherry tomatoes of the season.

sorrel, pea shoots, and thyme

Sorrel, pea shoots, and thyme. The sorrel’s a little sunburnt. The pea shoots are growing all over the place because the peastraw for my beds was seedy. They went into veg stock along with the thyme; the sorrel went into soup made with the stock.

But the most impressive harvest of the week was…

white mushrooms in a bowl

Almost 400g of mushrooms, harvested from the compost I bought from a mushroom farmer; they grew overnight in my shed. I got two batches about this size, 700g in all.

Also a shout-out to the fab folks at Ballarat Permaculture Guild, whose produce swap I attended on the weekend. I took along some home-baked cookies, and swapped for some salad veg, spring onions, potatoes, and duck eggs. I made out very well, I think because I was new and everyone was so nice! I also grabbed some rhubarb from the table at the end of the swap, in exchange for a donation to the community garden, and a couple of people offered me bunches of herbs they were trying to get rid of as I left. What a haul!

See more harvests over at Daphne’s Dandelions.

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Nice harvest! So far we have managed 12 basil leaves and one pod of peas! Will the mushrooms keep growing from the compost or is it just a one-off thing?