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stuff going on in my life

In dot points, because.

* Soft-launched Growstuff: (Blog post explaining soft launch:; tl;dr = kinda like dreamwidth alpha but without the invites). Grand total of 40-something users right now, which is about right for one day into things. We want to get a few hundred while we're in soft launch, so if you grow stuff -- well, veggies or fruit or any other kind of herbs -- and are interested please give it a try.

* Epically busy with a business course at TAFE (as part of the NEIS program), writing business plans and doing businessy crap (partly for NEIS, partly for grants, partly dealing with banks and stuff), and trying to actually develop software and run a website at the same time. Trying not to work ridiculous amounts of time, and to at least have one day off a week, and some me-time every day. The scheduling is a PITA though. Can't wait til the course is over and things go back to more WFH, less requirement to be in the city.

* Going to Portland, Oregon in June for Open Source Bridge. Hoping to see some DW people there!

* Home/house stuff going well -- got a new housemate (Crystal) a month or so back, and she's great. Lots of nanna-ing and cooking and generally being domestic.

* Bought a bunch of winter clothes in the northern hemisphere end-of-season sales. Delighted with the merino wool sweater-dresses I got cheap from the Lands End clearance. I suspect I will be pretty much living in them once the weather cools down.

* Garden is going well, in an end-of-season kind of way. Need to get started on autumn planting.

* Installed wordpress multi-site and moved (personal/professional blog) and (domestic/cooking/craft/garden blog) there, along with some others. The downside is that the journalpress plugin doesn't support multisite so I can no longer crosspost to DW. Grah. So if you want to read my posts on those blogs I guess you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way, because I'm too lazy to dig into WP source code and fix it.

* Laughing bitterly at Google canning Reader. What did you expect, people? I'm using Newsblur and liking it pretty well -- I especially like [ profile] samuelclay's responsiveness and support. Great guy, good indie business, open source code, so I'm happy to support him/it even if some aspects of the UI do make me mutter under my breath.
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I would *love* to meet up with you when you're in Portland, if schedules work out - it would be so keen to hang for a bit
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[personal profile] aris_tgd 2013-03-21 07:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I would love to hang out in June. Poke me when?
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So you're in the Unified Network of Knowledge-Led Enterprises (UNKLE) scheme as well? Well done! I just finished this week: had the sign-up, and presuming it's all accepted by the Department of Indoctrination, Idleness and Wageslave Oppression I'll be ready to kiss bye-bye to Centrestink and be My Own Small Business. Woo!

Ping me directly if you need any extra insights into what the instructors are expecting. I was thinking I'd barely scrape through but instead my own trainer was very positive about my assessment, so evidently I did something right...